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News Release - Partner ACS
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Customer Applications and Benefits


Technically savvy and value-conscious customers are looking for solutions that will ultimately pay for themselves by providing employee productivity and customer service advantages. Avaya’s PARTNER ACS R5 is designed to do just that by providing improved customer applications and benefits.


  • Reliable, after hours access with PARTNER Messaging R1 or PARTNER Voice Messaging R3

  • High-speed Internet connectivity to reach new services/customers/markets

  • Business Ready” DSL Service

  • DSL “always on” circuits for voice and data convergence over shared facilities

  • Wireless TransTalk® support for employees who are away from their desks but still need to be in touch



Converged Voice and High Speed broadband Internet Access:  At every level – simple e-mail, finding information, full-fledged eBusiness solutions – the Internet means cost savings and enhanced revenue for businesses of every size. Small businesses are particularly attracted to the Internet because of the tremendous power of the Internet to leverage a business’s resources. Unlike competing small business systems, PARTNER ACS offers integrated toll quality Voice over SDSL for high-speed Internet access, and converged voice and data over shared facilities. If your small business customer is thinking of offering products or services internationally, as many small businesses are today through their Web sites, then  “converged” services – such as Voice over DSL – should be very attractive.


e-Business Solutions: Many small businesses are attracted to eBusiness because of ease-of-entry and the power of the Internet to leverage a business’s selling capabilities. New revenue streams can be created at a fraction of the cost of adding physical plant. New markets become almost instantaneously available. PARTNER ACS offers the option to integrate your customer’s communications with company data and Avaya’s Web Communications Server that would provide the foundation for an eBusiness solution.


Improved Productivity: As a sophisticated telephone system, PARTNER ACS has been designed to reduce or eliminate communication tasks, and to streamline other business processes. If there is a spike in calling volume, PARTNER Messaging is there to take messages. If employees need to be in other parts of the location during the day but nonetheless need to take customer calls, or other important calls, TransTalk 9040 will let them communicate as well – and as clearly as if they’re at their desks. Conferencing – with up to 5 participants – can cut down on external meetings. Call answering allows customers and suppliers to be served after hours. And with SDSL Internet upload and download speeds up to 2.0mbps, businesses will drastically reduce lost time waiting to send or receive information.


Improved Customer Service:  Most small businesses recognize the importance of service to their own customers. But often a small business is short staffed. Budget isn’t there to hire more reps or customer service agents. PARTNER ACS can leverage customer service resources and help build the kind of in-depth customer relationships that are needed in today’s fiercely competitive markets. The enhanced caller ID features deliver calling party name and number to display-equipped telephones.  Your customer will know who is calling, and with that knowledge can tailor responses or recorded message to further the sales process, or enhance the relationship with the caller.


Reduce Network Expenses & Streamline Communications:  What happens when a small, resource constrained company grows? Often the answer is that services and capabilities are added in a random way. Systems and features are put together which impair smooth operation simply because owners wear many hats and can’t take the time to puzzle out a true solution. When this happens with communications, the result can be costly and time-consuming.  When a company converges voice and data services many of the barriers to smooth operations are surmounted. This is exactly what PARTNER ACS has been designed to do. Through the 1600 DSL Module, PARTNER ACS can connect directly to a corporate LAN/WAN, and its built-in router and firewall security eliminates the expense of a separate router and provides your customers with a converged communications infrastructure.

Bigger businesses with more expensive systems have already discovered the savings and efficiencies associated with convergence, and now small businesses can enjoy these benefits, too. Your customers will be happy to learn how cost-efficient this change can be.  

Why Partner Release 5?


The PARTNER® Advanced Communications System (ACS) is the system of choice for small and mid-sized businesses. Why?

·        A leader in key system sales in the US

·        A leader in market share in the 5-10 and 2-20 station markets

·        Nearly 1,000,000 customers worldwide have a PARTNER system

·        Over 700,000 PARTNER systems in the USA

·        Ideal for 5-20 station customers

·        Scalable from 2 to 48 stations

·        Innovative Voice Messaging options

·        Integrated Mobility solutions

PARTNER ACS delivers Superior Value:

·        Caller ID (including Logging and Scrolling), Remote Administration, Fax Management, Detection & Routing, and SMDR are STANDARD features

·        Utilizes state-of-the-art PCMCIA card technology for upgrades, backup & restore, and certain applications


What’s new with the PARTNER ACS R5?


The PARTNER® Advanced Communications System (ACS) R5 is the communication system of choice for small businesses today. This solution delivers value for small to mid-size businesses by offering enhanced functionality and new, leading-edge technology at the desktop. As investment protection for our customers is paramount in the minds at Avaya, the Partner Endeavor 362EC Modules can now be used on Partner Release 5. The module will still function in the same manner, thus providing 3 analog CO lines, 6 ETR only station ports, and 2 full function ETR station ports with full tip/ring functionality.  This added functionality enables our existing customers to migrate to the latest release of Partner while still protecting their initial communication system investment. 


In addition, the new Release 5 offers a new 012E module that provides additional station capacity.  The addition of this new module in the product lines allows Partner ACS to now support 48 ETR stations.  Remote administration functionality has also been enhanced on this new release.  The Partner remote administration now provides support for the new 012E module. 


It also provides a 1600 DSL remote administration terminal emulator window thus giving access to the command line interface on the 1600 DSL module.  The remote diagnostic software will now also display the type of PCMCIA card that is installed on the ACS processor. 


These new enhancements to the Partner ACS R5 demonstrates our continued support and commitment to delivering leading edge solutions to the small to mid-size business customer.


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