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Inter-Tel Axxess Digital Features ( General )
Updated as of: Feb 2, 2003


Executive Axxess Speakerphone with Interactive Display


  • Digital one pair wire design (2B+D ISDN Technology)
  • Digital Telephones & Data capabilities
  • Multiple ring tones to select
  • ISDN Features available and (Caller Identification) available NOW
  • Digital Signal Processors (DSP's) extensively used in design
  • Screen Display Telephones Available (Basic Unit)
  • Large Interactive Screen for Executive Speakerphone
  • High Quality Speakerphones (Programmable)
  • Industry Leading Duplex Speakerphone available
  • Standard Handset has Display and Speed Dial
    Call Forward & Conferencing
  • Programmable soft keys
  • 10 Station Speed Dial & 1000 System Speed Dial
  • Compatible with Industry Standard 2500 single line Telephones
  • Compatible with Fax Machines, Modems, Credit Card Machines
  • Off/Hook Voice Announce on Executive Sets with PCDPM
  • Messaging = Station to Station & customized
  • Save number redial & Last number redial
  • Call pickup / Paging / MOH & Background Music
  • DISA , OAI individual and System  TAPI & TSAPI
  • Basic Handset has Speed Dial
    Industry Leading Interactive/Integrating Auto Attendant & Voice Mail Available true DIGITAL
      • VOIP solutions (system to system and individual)
      • Unified messaging
      • Full Networking capabilities

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